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Top 25 Secret Places You Can't Go or visit

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Check out top 25 places you're not allowed to visit. on this list
you could expect some of these below

1. Supposedly built by Stalin for the Russian Secret Service and top government officials,
this rumored secret subway has never been proven to exist although people who worked on it have been interviewed.

2. If you can pay a $25,000 initiation fee and $10,000 annually for membership then you can join Club 33,
one of the world’s most exclusive and secretive dinner clubs found in the middle of the happiest place on Earth.

3. Found in the capital city of Pyongyang, this secretive government facility is said to be the heart of numerous illegal operations including counterfeiting and international insurance fraud.

4. No list like this would be complete without Area 51. The infamous site where supposed aliens crash landed and have been there ever since. We don't know what to believe

5. The only way to get in here is with a key that is 90 cm long! Even if you wanted to get the key you would have a slight problem though.

The names of employees working at the vaults are kept secret.

6. The Bohemian Club is famous for its secrecy and high profile members. It is said that it was single handedly responsible for the Manhattan Project.

When we say high profile it really is the top of end of the powerful across the world. Check out some of the faces here, former presidents and some of the richest men alive

7. These 20,000 year old cave paintings were being damaged by exhaled CO2 from tourists so the French Government shut them down.

That's right, human stinky breath is causing the paintings to dry up so we can't go in there anymore

8. Said to be the final resting place of the ark and its 10 commandments, the small Ethiopian chapel that supposedly houses it has sprung a leak meaning the ark will have to be moved soon.
Apart from the priest who is never allowed to leave the grounds, no one has ever been allowed to enter.

9. There have always been rumors about Coca Cola’s secret recipe and in 2011 it was supposedly retrieved from its vault at SunTrust Bank and transferred a few minutes down the street

to the new World of Coca Cola exhibit. Visitors can now see the vault complete with all of its security. Many people, however, believe that Coca Cola is just monetizing the myth. We think we know what the main ingredient is*

10. Probably as guarded as Area 51, Google’s first data center is a high security location.

And look at how pretty they've made it look

11. Run by the Royal Air Force in conjunction with the NSA, this place is said to be the most powerful and extensive monitoring station in the world.

12. This town in Russia is closed by the government and is believed to house employees working on Mount Yamantaw, the location of what NATO suspects to be a large nuclear facility.

13. This satellite tracking station in the middle of Australia is run by the Australian and US governments and is a central point for spy satellite operations.

14. One of the most radioactive places on Earth, although it is possible to enter the exclusion zone, you can only do so with an armed guard.

Pripyat is is where the largest nuclear power plant leak happened and has remained out of bounds ever since. If you go to far into the city you'll die within just 30 minutes!

15. Home to wonders like the famous Terracotta Army, the tomb of China’s first emperor remains largely unexcavated thanks to a very protective Chinese government.

16. Inhabited by between 50 and 400 Sentilese who tend to rain arrows down on the heads of foreign ambassadors trying to make contact, they have now been protected by the Indian Government.

They're so aggressive they'll fire arrows and throw spears at anybody coming near, including choppers. They've also murdered 2 fishermen who ran aground on the island.

17. In existence since 4BC only priests and priestesses of the royal family are allowed in. Fun fact – the shrine is demolished and rebuilt every 20 years in keeping with the Shinto idea of death and rebirth.

18. Just off the coast of Brazil this snake infested island lives up to its name and is off limits to visitors courtesy of the Brazilian Navy. Supposedly it is home to over 5,000 highly venomous snakes.

You could run the risk of landing here but what if it contained a little more than just snakes. What if the movies were real...

19. Among the planet’s youngest places, this North Atlantic island emerged from the waves following an extended volcanic eruption in the 1960’s.
It is arguably the world’s most pristine natural habitat and only a few scientists have ever been allowed to venture there.

20. Just in case some kind of Hollywood style apocalypse ever befell the Earth, this place would have the ability to bring it back again, at least the green part. This is Svalbard seed vault. Sounds like a famous super heroes home

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