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Tips That May Save Your Life On An Airplane

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You’ve heard it a millions times, so we’ll just say it once – flying is actually one of the safest modes of transportation. Now, with that out of the way, there is always the reality that any given plane can crash for any given reason. We’re here to give a refresher course on 10 tips that may improve your chances of surviving a plane crash. We’ll start off with idea that sitting nearer to the back of the plane is the safest. Then there’s the issue of oxygen. If you see those masks drop, use them! Sure, flying involves sitting. Yet, research has shown that being in shape and dressed properly can be pretty important when it comes to survival. We’ll look at the two times during flight where you should be mentally prepared to act – just in case. Also, a good tip is not to take anything or wear anything that dulls or reduces your thinking or perceptions. Looking for more info on the safest seats? We’ll explain to you why the aisle is the best. Should the worst happen, and a pack of angry snakes emerge while at cruising altitude, fear not because we’ve got you covered. In the event of a crash, survival can be strongly linked to taking action and not giving in to panic. We’ll look at how much time you have to get out and what you should do in that relatively short time. Finally, there’s the much talked about brace position. Each airline can be a bit different so we’ll help highlight the key features you should be aware of.
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