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This Is How TIME TRAVEL Is Possible

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Is time travel really possible? Neil Degrasse Tyson, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking all think it's possible to have a time machine.
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Time travel is not just fantasy. Although it has its origins in religion and science fiction, time travel became a serious pursuit during the 1900s, as the theory of relativity gained a foothold on our understanding of the universe. Time could be warped, as Einstein discovered, so successful time travel is as simple as finding a requisite process or machine with which to manipulate spacetime. Of course, this has yet to be accomplished, and scientists argue as to whether it could ever happen. Some say that the magnitude of such a device would be impossible within the confines of modern technology. Others take a philosophical view, saying that the absence of time travelers from the future is proof of impossibility. But then there are the optimists, who maintain that time dilation is proof that manipulating time is easy. One thing is clear, however: the future is bright, and the interspatial possibilities surpass our wildest dreams. Whatever exists without humanity’s control exists without its consent, and time is no exception.
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