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This is How David Dobrik Spends His Millions

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Who says you can’t make money from the internet? Ever wondered what David Dobrik, one of the most popular vloggers around, spends his money on?
He first made waves on Vine. Even when the videos were just seconds long, David was able to capture an audience and keep them around. You could say that his fans wait with bated breath as they anticipate his next move. This is crucial if you’re going to become a vlogger. He has a certain kind of charisma that appeals to all sorts of people. That might be why he has millions of subscribers on YouTube!
Of course, with millions of subscribers, that means that he’s making plenty of money. Thanks to ad revenue, sponsorships (thank you SeatGeek) and his merchandise sales David is far from having money troubles.
Given that his views are often in the millions, he’s probably getting a really nice paycheck that would make even the most adept Forbes businessman jealous. He’s making so much money that he is able to provide gifts for his family and friends on a regular basis. For example, he’s known to gift his friend with nice cars, nice* animals and even help them grow their youtube channels. So, if you’re looking for a new friend, you might want to add David to your list.
But he’s even gracious to his fans and acquaintances. One time, he bought food for everyone at an In N Out chain. David is also known for showing off his wealth, and videos will often be posted of him doing ridiculous things with money. Regardless of how you feel about David Dobrik, you can’t deny that he manages to maintain a good balance between spoiling himself, giving gifts to his friends, and being generous to the community. Check out our video to see exactly how David is spending his millions!
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