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"The Strongest Kids In The World" (Documentary)


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The story of two of the youngest and strongest little children in the world: The Stroe Brothers. TheRichest Short Documentary series.
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What were you doing around the ages of 9 to 11? Were you pumping iron, performing 90 degree push-ups at will and setting Guinness World Records for various feats of strength and endurance? We didn’t think so. When most of us were that age we spent a lot of time watching television, playing video games or building forts with our friends. In terms of physical activity, some of us likely played in an organized sport or spent time just running around outside with our friends. For most people, that was good enough when it came to staying fit and healthy.
That’s not the case, however, for Giuliano and Claudio Stroe. As you’ll see, these two brothers make almost every kid around the world look like lazy slobs. In fact, in terms of agility and strength, the Stroes have consistently demonstrated levels of performance which are miles ahead of most health-obsessed adults. How’d they do it? These two Romanian body-building gymnasts have been working out for most of their lives and remain extremely disciplined when it comes to following a strict workout regime. This has caused a split in opinions of those who follow these two brothers. Some people admire their unbelievable abilities and drive to constantly improve. Others, however, question whether pushing yourself at such a young age is right and whether the parents should just let the two brothers be like more normal kids. Whatever side of the debate you are on, one thing everyone can agree on is that these two kids are pretty impressive.
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