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The Oddest Guinness World Records Ever Set

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Top 10 of the most bizarre records people have set or broken!
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The Guinness Book of World Records is regarded as the ultimate authority when it comes to world records and achievements around the globe. When it comes to world records, we idolize those who have accomplish some of the major world records such as an incredible physical feat or something related to academia. But the Guinness World Records go pretty deep into a hole of weirdness, and it is both fascinating and disturbing as to what kind of world records are broken these days. Whether it’s a record on the amount of naked people riding a roller coaster or the richest cat in the world, world records are a difficult accomplishment to reach. But once the award has been achieved, the winner is locked into immortality.
Then there are also world records that require the help of the community to achieve, such as the largest amount of people running in inflatable sumo suits, or the largest amount of people getting a facial massage or putting on a facial mask. It’s highly likely that if you have a weird idea that would make a good world record, really all you need to do is gather up your friends.
This video talks about the oddest world records ever set. Some may surprise you, while others may not even shock you given the direction that our society is heading towards. From tattooed seniors to the oldest salsa dancers in the world, the stories in this video should inspire you to become a world record holder regardless of any age.
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