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The Most Dangerous Bridges in the World


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Top 10 extremely scary bridges and roads you wouldn't want to cross
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Bridges connect us to parts of the world that would have been otherwise inaccessible. Crossing over mountains, rivers, ravines, and even oceans, bridges come in all different shapes and sizes to make travel easier than ever. They can also come in different heights where they tower over massive drops, or they sit alongside the water. Either way, bridges are there for a reason; should you venture off the bridge, then you have a massive problem. You’ll either be met with certain death or your body/vehicle will suffer some damages. The bridges are there for a reason and you best not stray from the path.
But what happens when a bridge is dangerous and unsafe? Do you stop your journey and go home, or do you risk your life to make the venture across? Today, bridges are built to abide by certain codes and regulations so that there is no risk for a bridge collapse. The United States has been faced with several bridge collapses over the course of its existence, which the tragedies have helped write the manual so history doesn’t repeat itself. But there are many bridges that have been built decades ago that are still standing that don’t abide by these regulations. Because of this, they are ticking time bombs for a potential collapse in the future.
Here are the most dangerous bridges in the world. Whether they are rickety foot bridges or massive car bridges with weakening suspensions, these bridges might be best avoided if you value your assets or your life.
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