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The Hottest Cosplay Girls on Instagram

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top 10 sexiest comic con cosplaying women on the internet
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When you were little, it was fun to dress up and pretend you were someone from a favorite movie or cartoon. As you got older, it’s likely you only wore costumes during Halloween or special parties. Today, for most of us, dressing up involves a flashy dress or expensive suit – a far cry from the days where we pretended to be our favorite Star Wars or Pokemon characters. However, since the 1990s, there’s been a growing segment of the population of who still dress up as characters from movies or comics. Combining costumes with ‘play’ these individuals take part in the world of cosplay – an activity which can and has generated levels of fame and even significant incomes.
Whether it be game, fan or even cosplay conventions, cosplayers have become a fixture at such events and often attract considerable attention thanks to their outfits and interpretation of fictional characters. That said, of all cosplayers, it tends to be the women who attract the most attention thanks to the blend of sexiness and fantasy which is basically the equivalent of nerd porn. A result of this is that certain female cosplayers have achieved near celebrity status and built up a strong following on social media, including Instagram. The following video looks at 10 of the hottest Cosplay girls on Instagram. Trust us, there are far more than 10 but we had to draw the line somewhere.
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