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The Biggest Lies Taught In American Schools

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Top 10 myths you were taught in school that are not true!
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As students, we tend to trust the school system to teach us the most accurate information possible thanks to textbooks and a government-run curriculum. However, in many cases, the data and information that schools depended on to write their books and lesson is outdated and debunked for several years, much to the blissful ignorance of the students and their parents. The tests will have the wrong answers, and students will go through their life learning the wrong information until they are told otherwise. When we find out that our teachers are wrong, we go through a bit of an identity crisis where we don’t know who to believe or trust anymore.
One of the most shocking bits of information is realizing that George Washington probably did tell a lie and denied that he chipped down that cherry tree, or finding out that Thomas Edison really didn’t invent the lightbulb. With all of the misinformation still being taught in school, it can be hard to figure out whether or not to still have students in the public school system. But at the end of the day, we have to accept that a particular view and perspective on history, science, math, English, and more are all taught through rose-colored glasses and we are always learning someone else’s version of academics.
In this video are some of the biggest lies that have been taught in school. This video may come up as a shock for some of the subjects mentioned, and we know there will be a few of you who won’t be able to handle the truth.
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