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The 10 Most Amazing Grandparents In The World!

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Top 10 incredible elderly men and women you won't believe actually exist.
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When we think of grandparents most of us have a certain image that immediately comes to mind. We often think of grandparents as being the older, wiser, slower, grayer and sleepier members of our families and society. While one day we will all reach that age, it’s hard for us to think of our grandparents as anything but grandparents. Of course they were once young and energetic but ever since we knew them they were always older.
Naturally, when people become grandparents and start getting older, there are stereotypes that come into play. Yes, we picture wrinkles and gray hair and some of us may even think of how our grandparents would fall asleep on the couch watching the Price is Right. For us, old people and grandparents moved a lot slower, drove a lot slower and talked a lot slower. There is the view, although true to some degree, that when you enter the realm of the ‘grandparent’ you have less energy, eat more hard candy, and sit around for much of the day waiting for death to arrive.
Over the past decade, changes in health and lifestyle have seen a bit of a shift in the way grandparents go about their business. Sure there are still those elderly people who love to head to Florida and Arizona to see out their final days in the nicer weather. To be honest, we can think of a few 20 and 30 year olds who’d love to do that too. Being a grandparent, however, is no longer just about sitting around and acting like ‘an old person.’ Rather than sitting in retirement homes, waiting around for the grandkids to visit or wondering what the early-bird special will be at the local Country Kitchen Buffet, today’s grandparents are, for the most part, still out there and being active in society – often more active than their own kids.
Turn on the news or search through online sources and you’re bound to come across a story of a marathon running grandfather or a skydiving granny. A couple of decades ago such stories were extremely rare and more of a novelty piece that would be used as filler to end a show. Today, more and more seniors and grandparents are heading out and taking on activities that we didn’t used to associate with that group of society. As human knowledge increases and life expectancies increase, expect to see more and more elderly and grandparents being active on a scale that would have been strange only a few decades ago.
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