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Ted Cruz Out Smarts Megyn Kelly With Immigration Solutions


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Ted Cruz Out Smarts Megyn Kelly by giving Immigration solutions instead of falling into the sticky "Mainstream Mass Media False Narrative Soup." The media False Narrative Soup is a concoction of media memes cooked up or designed by the mainstream media that are based on a association with another person or thing, shrouded in non-specifics, and that are fed by personality, scandal, pop culture, and predetermined themes that can be used to draw ratings. Lazy and tabloid-driven news media groups CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC does this every election cycle by building and promoting the Democrat Party's liberal theatrical arguments such as "the War of Women", "War on the Poor", "War on Latinos", "The Fleecing of America," and the War on Education woven together by making false accusations of racism while ignoring all the instances where Democrat policies targeted to help Blacks have only hurt Blacks and have put many of us in danger.

If an American citizen mother happens to give birth in another country that child is still an American Citizen because that child was born in the womb of an American Citizen, citizenship naturally passes from mother to child regardless of the father. That American Child is NOT necessarily ANCHORED to that foreign nation. Likewise, a women who is a citizen of Mexico naturally passes the citizenship of Mexico to her child. Therefore, that Mexican child should NOT necessarily be ANCHORED to that foreign nation. Politicians who fail give specific immigration solutions, make it almost impossible to get people to come to America legally, become a legal resident and it inhibits their children from assimilating into America properly and legally. Ted Cruz has the most sensible, realistic, patriotically compassionate solution to the immigration issue to resolve the immigration problem that Democrats and Barack Obama that used for political reasons to get more uninformed voters to vote Democrat even though both thousands of Americans and immigrants to the Unites States have lost their lives by the very failed immigration policies democrat liberals and socialists created.

Ironically, those birther's who are so anti-Ted Cruz because they say he was born in Canada from an American mother, are the very ones that are helping Obama and liberals justify their citizenship and Amnesty all because those children of illegal immigrants were born here in America. The the Anti-Ted Cruz Birthers have unwittingly become tools for Obama's agenda and socialist policy without realizing it.

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