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Most Outstanding Zoos You Need To Visit

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Top 10 amazing animal zoos from different countries that you need to visit
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Nearly every major city around the world is home to a zoo of some kind. But like people, not all zoos are created equal and there are definitely some zoos that are better than others. Thanks to animal rights activists and the evolution of human compassion, zoos are now better than ever. Animals used to spend their zoo lives in cages in the earliest of societies all the way to the late twentieth century. Today, zoos look like natural habitats of the animals, making them more comfortable and acting more natural in front of their human audiences. Zoos are also taking very active roles in wildlife conservation and making the world a better place for animals. You will also find that numerous zoos are taking active roles in helping repopulate endangered species.
On this list are some of the most outstanding zoos in the world. Whether they are trying to preserve wildlife through confinements emulating the animal’s natural habitat, or promoting education about animals to the younger generations, thus raising a new crowd of researchers and biologists. Of course, there will always be protestors against the concept of zoos, claiming that they torture their animals and force them to live unnatural lives. Unfortunately, there have been a few bad egg zoos that have ruined it for the other more respectable establishments. This means that if you want to visit your local zoo, then you’ll need to be proactive in researching and finding out the standards and principles the park establishes.
For example, the world famous San Diego Zoo opened in 1915 and is famous for its lush gardens and 99 acres of land that houses over 3,700 animals. The zoo gained fame after obtaining one of the first pandas from China in the United States. The San Diego Zoo also allows people to watch the animals from webcams, making the animal kingdom more accessible via the web.
The number one zoo in the United States (according to Trip Advisor and rave reviews on the web) is the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha, Nebraska. The zoo features some of the largest habitats in the world including the largest desert, largest glazed geodesic dome, the largest cat complex, nocturnal exhibit, indoor forest, and largest swamp. To put it simply, the animals probably feel most at home at this zoo, which features over 962 different species over 130 acres. The zoo opened in 1894 and has been thriving ever since.
There are many more outstanding zoos where this came from. Make sure to watch the entire video for the full comprehensive list. If one of the zoos on this list interests you, consider not only paying a visit, but also making a contribution to the zoo so that they can continue their conservation and research efforts. There is nothing more heartbreaking than a zoo closing, or worse, being forced to deny shelter or treatment to an animal in need. Despite controversy, the zoos on this list are making some good in the animal kingdom and saving species everyday.
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