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Kids You Won't Believe Actually Exist


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Top 10 amazing children and kids in the world who have unusual features about their body.
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Children are the future of our world, and it is up to the older generation to raise them up to be proper human beings. If our youth doesn’t understand how the world works, or even known how to feel compassion for their fellow man and environment, then our future is very much in trouble. Luckily, the world is coming up with some pretty incredible kids who are learning a lot, and are already proving themselves to be the best future leaders before they’re old enough to drive. Given that today’s parenting has the strong theme of “helicopter parenting”, meaning that moms and dads are hovering over their children in every aspect of their day in order to keep them safe.
But what happens when a child is born into poverty, or born with a dangerous health condition? At such a young age, these kids are forced to grow up fast and become little adults. The only way kids can survive and thrive, is to accept their position and find a way to seek the positive in each day.
There are also children who are born with some of the rarest conditions in the world, which garners them a lot of media attention as some of them defied their doctors’ predictions and extended their lifespan. The children in this video remind us that even if you’re born with a different physicality than other people around the world, it doesn’t mean that there is no hope for that kid to grow up and make a difference in people’s lives.
One of the most influential kids of this decade is Jonathan Pitre, who has an incredibly painful and rare skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullos that forces him to wear bandages every day as well as take special baths every few days. The condition causes Jonathan skin to blister and literally fall off. Despite being faced with a shortened lifespan because of his health condition, Jonathan wants to bring awareness for his condition and encourage the medical community to keep working towards a cure.
Then we also have the story of Little Hercules, also known as Richard Sandrak. Although he is 23 today and looks quite different, his father Pavel put him through a strict fitness regime, causing him to have a ripped body while just a child. Richard holds no resentment towards his father, and accepts his title of “World’s Strongest Boy” has part of his past, but reminds the world that it isn’t his present.
From seeing these children in extraordinary positions, it forces society to count their blessings and reevaluate how they’re living their lives. Many of the kids in this video are dedicated to bringing awareness to conditions and causes that are relevant to their lives. This video will help you to feel not only inspired, but hopefully you will also feel grateful for your health and privileges you have where you live today.
If we’ve caught your attention, then be sure to check out the rest of the video for more stories about kids that you won’t believe actually exist.
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