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Innocent Looking People You Don't Want As Neighbours

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10 People Who Are Not What They Seem To Be
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Some of us like to tell ourselves that we are really great at reading people. We are way too smart to be fooled by a pretty face, and we have a top-notch sense of intuition about people. Well, we hate to break it to you, but there is a good chance that you could be fooled by one of the 10 innocent looking people in our video, and that could end up with you being in a dangerous situation. In this video, we will tell you the shocking crimes that these women have been accused or convicted of. Although she had long dabbled in the world of modeling, getting arrested for a slew of high profile burglaries helped Stephanie Beaudoin really get her career off the ground, as long as she could work around her prison sentence. When Meghan McCullough’s mugshot hit the internet, she wasn’t at all prepared for the deluge of attention she would received based on what she considers a bad photo. She was best known for winning the Miss Miami Lakes competition, until she made even more headlines when she was arrested for beating a party guest with a baseball bat. Although she proclaims that she is a great mother and takes good care of her children, Bridgette Garcia made a huge mistake one evening during a fight with her teenage son, that she was lucky didn’t cost him his life. You might have seen Jessie Alexander pictured with some pretty big celebrities, but it turns out that was all part of her con.
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