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Cute Kids Who Turned In To Monsters

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top 10 pictures of children who turned out to be infamous criminals
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Remember when you were a kid and things just seemed so much easier? Then you eventually grow into an adult and those carefree days vanish. Things were so simple then. You woke up, ate, watched a little television and then went to school. Your free time was spent playing and that was pretty much it. Odds are that during your childhood, adults thought you were funny, entertaining and, especially cute. Then you hit puberty and that all went down the drain – but that’s a whole other story.
The innocence of youth. Think back to how many times you looked through various family photo albums and heard comments about how cute and adorable ‘so-and-so’ was. You look at the picture of the toddler or child and think about who they grew up to be or wonder what they eventually did with their life. That’s where these following examples come into play. Ahead you’ll be shown 10 pictures of rather infamous people as kids. For the most part these kids look like any other kids you’ve seen in photos. There’s just one twist. Each one of these examples turned into monster – sometimes while they were still children or later in life when they were full grown adults. From murderers to dictators, these following people all prove that just because a child looks like an angel in a photo, it doesn’t mean they won’t transform into an absolute devil later on.
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