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Crimes That Won't Get You Arrested

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Top 10 things that you thought were illegal, but aren't.
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Laws were created to help keep the order of society, and given that people can get arrested for virtually almost anything these days, it can be difficult to keep track of these laws. In fact, many citizens around the world don’t even realize that there are some things that are perceived as illegal, but are actually allowed. Of course, laws are different around the world and in the United States, laws are different depending on which state you reside in. Before going completely crazy doing one of the things on this list, check the laws in the town that you’re in.
However, it is interesting to point out that many of the things in this video are legal, but sometimes law enforcement and the district attorney will look for loopholes where they can convict someone on a similar charge. For example, going topless is actually legal in 33 states in North America. But police can arrest women for disorderly conduct or twist their topless state as an act of sexual seduction. This is where people have to be exceptionally careful when they choose to perform one of these legal things. As soon as you cross a state border, the law might change and you’ll find yourself in the back of a police car.
Defacing money may be in legal in some parts of the world, but in the United States, it’s technically illegal to draw on a dollar bill. But Americans have been drawing and writing on money for decades with no reprimand. Defacing money doesn’t diminish the value of the dollar regardless of extra ink. This is probably why there is such a plethora of money floating around with designs or references to website where you can track where a bill has been.
There are also some pretty disgusting things that are legal. For example, cannibalism is legal as long as the body parts were collected in a legal manner. This means that you can’t kill someone in order to eat them. But if your friend chops off his own arm to feed you, or you’re stranded someplace with no food, then it is okay. Bestiality, meaning sexual intercourse with animals is also legal in many parts of the world. In this case, it’s crystal clear that animals don’t really have any rights, as their consent doesn’t matter. Speaking of animals, owning a tiger is also perfectly legal in many parts of the United States. There are about 12,000 tigers in America that are domestically owned.
Finally, flamethrowers are legal in the United States and are barely regulated. In fact, marijuana is more heavily policed than a flamethrower, which can cause destruction by making walls of fire. You can see where the country’s priorities are.
Be sure to check out the rest of the video to discover things that are legal. Perhaps this might be an inspiration for some to live a bit closer to the edge without getting in trouble.
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