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CREEPY HALLOWEEN Urban Legends That Are Actually True!

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good creepy legend every now and then? When it comes to urban legends, it seems that Halloween is the birthplace of some of the most creative and wild stories. Because Halloween is already the holiday of frights and scares, there have been some rather creative legends that have been invented either by writers or the general public. While we think that these urban legends were mere inventions to scare us, some of them are actually based on some truth! Of course, that doesn’t make you feel more confident about going out alone on Halloween, but these legends are based on a single event that just happened to go “viral” so to speak. That means, the urban legend really just was a “one in a million” situations that then became a common rumor. Obviously, this doesn’t lessen the creepiness of said urban legend, but it can be fun to think about sometimes!
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