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Craziest Optical Illusions


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1) Take a second to stare at the dot in the middle of this image. After a while you will notice something crazy happen to the images on either side

2) Ever been in a room and the eyes of a painting seem to follow you? These little toy dinosaurs do exactly that

3) This is the Ames room. It plays on depth perception and is created by the back wall being sloped

4) Its possible for you to change the direction of the train by thought alone; if you concentrate it can move both directions, blinking will help you do it

5) This is a type of clever 3D drawing that can create the perception of a 3D object, when in fact its a flat drawing

6) This parrot may seem a little misshaped, like it has flown too hard into a window pane, but thats because its a woman in full body paint

7) The plus side here is that you only need a tiny bit of lotion for the top half, the downside is the bottom half needs just as much as usual

8) This is Flathead Lake in Montana. The water is unbelievably clear you can see the bottom, the depth in this image is 375 feet

9) Here is a nice image of a guy chilling out while he takes in the view across the lake. Except there is no lake, tilt your head to the left to work this one out

10) This lady was just about to head out for the day on her vacation. Little did she now she would be floating down the corridors, scaring all the other guests

11) From the right angle and if you squint just right, this looks like a giant kid kneeling down and floating on top of a swimming pool

12) Nice to see a picture capture the intimate moment a man gives his wife a loving hug as she….wait a minute, it's the wife hugging him!

13) Don’t you just hate it when you park you convertible and a big van pulls up next to you? Well this is different, because the convertible is painted on the van

14) This dog is off for a long hard day at the kennel, those bones won’t bury themselves, he does get a discount on his ticket though for being a dog

15) On the opposite end of the scale, its nice to see a dog getting back to nature and getting a nice bit of fishing in during the summer

16) Don’t you hate it when you’re a 1 year old baby but you’ve somehow grown to be the size of a regular human

17) Centaurs often give birth to mis-shapen young. This unfortunate zebra woman was born with her body at the wrong end

18) Siamese twins are sometimes born with conjoined heads, they have to life a single life but with two bodies, this is just 2 women hugging

19) It might look like the girl in black is being carried by her friends, but its actually the girl in the middle who has her legs hoisted up

20) New James Cameron film, its based on Earth at a lord’s estate. The horses take over and kill everyone. Its called Horse: In stables, no-one can hear you neigh

21) All the kids of the world should hug each other more often, by the looks of this girl’s arms she could hug everyone in the world at the same time

22) Imagine a world where terrorising seagulls not only swooped for your food as you walked by the sea, but were also 30 feet tall

23) Back in ancient times, the mythical double cat would be a highly coveted pet to own. Now, its just an extra mouth to feed and sleep on your sofa

24) Its good we live in a world which accepts people for who they are and wear what they like, this guy is just getting a hug from his girlfriend

25) I know it looks like the painting behind the family has a mans head in the corner, but he is actually a real life member of the family

26) Aliens do exist, they have unnaturally long arms and legs, they eat like us and walk among us. This might be one of them

27) A lovely little trip down memory lane here, some old 50s cars in the neighbourhood just as they were reaching popularity…


28) This is evolution captured on film for the first time ever. A fish sprouts an arm to prepare for life on the land. Only 3 limbs to go

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