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South Africa’s Big Brother expelled over the rape claims

A Big Brother South Africa is the popular television series in South Africa which is produced by the Endemol. This series totally has 2 interesting seasons that can be treated as a celebrity version. The first season is started in the year of 2001 which is hosted in all the South African show and channels. The total season of first season is from august to December 2001 i.e. 106 days. The season 2 is started from July to October 2002 i.e. totally 79 days. The season 3 is hosted in the year of 2013 and finally season 4 is come back on 2015. All these seasons are very popular among people and it is highly watched by the visitors in the entire world.

Main theme of Big Brother

The main story of SA big brother is too expelled after raping the fellow housemate. Once the two housemates can leave from the big brother’s home and issued the statement to the public as the big brothers are involved in the sexual misconduct. According to this statement the claim of rape is filed against these two brothers and takes an action for this incident. One day these brothers are participated in the gatherings and consume alcohol a lot and reach the big brother’s house. At this time this rape was conducted by them and disturbs the housemates with more flirting, drinking and finally placed them on bed together. These brothers were spotted kissing on housemates and compelling them to sex with Adams. Adam is one of the persons from big brother where he inject the housemates to male them to be unconscious for raping. The last two days both of these two brothers continuously raping their housemates and think that she passed away.

After certain hours the girl is getting conscious to wake up and then realize what has happened for the past two days. Then she escaped from the home and announces this issue to the public about the rape claims. The saddest thing is the big brothers can turn on the camera during sexual assault and taken many misbehave photos while she was asleep. However this big issue is hosted in the Mzansi Magic channel without any clear transpiration. The names of these two big brothers called Adams and Bexx both are misconduct to their housemates where one guy is suspected under the sexual assault and another guy is suspected under the misbehave to the girl. At last these housemates are gone out from the big brother’s home and go to their native place.

Big Brother – A rape horror show

The big brother series is directed from the original story which is happened in most of the places at different countries. However it becomes a great rape horror show which has creating awareness about the sexual assault to the public. This specific show contains lots of millions of television viewers available from across the world. Therefore the big brother can creates footage in the television shows and earned lots of fans in the world.


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