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  • Incredible things about the pretty wild show

    The American televisions provide a large number of the wonderful series for their viewers and most of the people are fascinated by these series. Nowadays, reality shows have become more popular on all the channels. Most of the viewers have the knowledge of what they see on the reality shows is not completely true.  Because, the channel telecasts the show after making the edit and re cut the regular show in that manner, the channel 24 is one of the famous channels in the United States which telecasts a different kind of the reality shows and live shows to the viewers. The Pretty wild is one of the show, which is telecasted on the Channel 24 and the series was based on socialite sisters who were named as Alexis Neiers, Tess Taylor, and Gabby Neiers. Initially, the girls and their family had lived in the village of California and they moved to the Hollywood Hills West, Los Angeles. This show had been moved in the success path for some years, but it was stopped unfortunately for some of the reasons.

    Problems of pretty wild show

    The reason of not broadcasting the show is the problem of the crime, one of three sisters in the show, Alexis Neiers was found to have been a victim of the Bling Ring. Basically, the Bling Ring is a group which has the members of teenage people. Alexis Neiers is one of the members of the team. The group of the Bling ring people broke the house of the celebrity and stole their valuable things. For that reason, the Alexis Nieres was sentenced to the punishment of 180 days in the jail. Moreover, she also got the three more years as the probation and also she had to pay the fine amount of 600000 dollars for this problem. For this reason, the pretty wild show is stopped on that channel and it makes more number of people to be disappointing.

    Facts about pretty wild show

    When Alexis is arrested, the mother and the sisters hang outside of the police station and they showed up to document their distresses. In addition to that, there is a step father who seems to uncomfortably close physical relationship with the youngest daughter called Gabby. So, this too much things could make the mother to go like this. Moreover, the girls have the stripper pole installed in the home and regularly use it to the delight of their mother. So, the team of the channel tries to shoot the moments of the sentimental family and the idea for the pretty wild show was hatched when the writer of the show met Tass Taylor and Alexis Neiers at the club. He asked for their suggestion to document their legal troubles in their life. Then they are accepted to do the same. Even though many problems are raised in this show, Alexis Neiers remains the positive things about her experience like the even the bling ring is a weird thing, but it gives the chance to help other people. 


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  • Judges of idols South Africa 2015

    Idols are a popular television show on South African television network named M Net. This show is based on the British show called pop idol. Idols SA is a contest for determining the best South African singer. There were ten seasons successfully ended. The new season of Idols 11 started broadcasting on 12th July of 2015. Some changes were made in this new season. The episode duration was increased to 2 hours. The show has overcome many controversies since its first season. With ten successful seasons dusted, this program enters the 11th season to find the most talented vocalists of south Africa. The present judges of the season 11 idols south Africa are Gareth cliff, unathi msengana, Randal Abrahams and somizi mhlongo. The new judge to this season is somizi mholongo.

    Gareth cliff

    He is the president and co founder of cliffcentral.com. He is one among the most prominent personalities of south African radio. On may 1, 2014, he took the big leap from traditional radio to the mobile and internet world with an aim of developing pre-eminent online content hub infotainment. This is about sharing information everything that occurs around the world in real conversations. He has demonstrated his dedication to his fans and passion about SA by giving his precious time to causes which are very close to his spirit. He regularly gives inspirational talks at universities and schools.

    Randall Abrahams

    He is the only judge who has been with Idols in all the seasons. He is the judge audience loves to hate. He is also the judge all wants to impress him because his credentials as a musician are impeccable. After completing political science he launched his career in the broadcast radio. In June 2012, he joined the universal music as managing director. His television appearances include SA’s got talent and south African idols.

    Unathi msengana

    She is the modern day renaissance women of South Africa. She is a song writer, singer, radio host and SA idols judge. She continues flying her nation’s flag high by continuing garner international accolades. Musically, she has wooed fans of all calibers. She evoked strong emotions by performing for UN delegates. She has worked with many international guests like chaka khan, dbanj and John legend. This young lady goes on reinventing herself through these years. With 13 years of experience she has proven that south Africa has got a true gem.

    Somizi mhlongo

    He is affectionately familiar to his several millions of fan followers. He was born as the son of a veteran actress and late comedian. Being a child star he has featured in many landmark movies such as the beloved country. He is the new judge who was added to the judge lists of idols SA season 11. Being the fourth judge of this popular television show, he sees his part as identifying the contestants’ razzmatazz quotient. He quickly became the favorite judges of the viewers of idols when he mentored top 6 for idols season 10 show toppers episode the previous year. 


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  • Welcome

    This is a brand new website dedicated to TV Scandals. Make yourself comfortable :)

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  • Jonny Fairplay - A reality TV contestant and former art expert

    Jon Dalton is most frequently known as Jonny Fairplay who is a famous reality small screen contestant and former sculpture consultant. He participated in seventh term of Survivor television shows where he suddenly turns out to be polarizing personality. After his great lie in that show he is believed to be most wicked player that ever participate in the entertainment. Once he enters into the game he simply introduced himself in before the audience. Then he set his mind to play a clever pastime to entertain the viewers in great way. He is the first survivor to commence his game even no one predicts that there would be a relation visit. First he asked his beloved friend to emerge as a devoted one of him in the stage. Then he conveys his fake news that his grandmother had passed away. Then he started to explain about the relationship between them. This part of the game turned out be a most iconic seconds of Survivor.

    Polarizing character in seventh season of Survivor

    Jonny Fairplay participated from the commencement of Survivor game with attractive moves to amuse the audience in great way. The gaming team released new bend to the game so that all people watching over the show eagerly. In between the game voting session continued to gain votes for Jonny and it is turned out be Outcast Tribe later. In the end of the session family call is organized in effective manner. His beloved companion, Thunder Dan came into the stage to break the hot news that Jonny’s grandmother had died. Because of this incident he gained more votes from all viewers and he attains the victory in Survivor game. Jonny and his friend planned before the commencement of game to reveal the lie as his grandmother died. Because of his play he became most famous participant in Survivor season. Soon he attained his fame in all over the world due to his fun play in Survivor game.

    Greatest lie in Survivor history

    Dalton planned wisely to commit the great move in Survivor season with accompany of his close friend. He altered the entire history of that game with his imaginative play. Jon Dalton is really completed his graduation in Virginia Polytechnic Institute. Then he shifted to Washington. In the Survivor Pearls show, his friend conveyed his condolence note of Jonny’s grandmother then he gained sympathy votes from the members of Balboa group. Kindness votes take him to a victory stage and because of it he gained more popularity in entire show. Once he returned from the show he revealed that he is the greatest bad character of all time with laugh and he said his beloved grandmother is sitting in residence and observing Jerry Springer exact now. In 2010, he did not participate in the season of Survivor which is conducted in different series. Then later he revealed that there is clash between him and Jeff Probst so that he doesn’t like to visit the game once again because of this reason. 


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  • South Africa’s Big Brother expelled over the rape claims

    A Big Brother South Africa is the popular television series in South Africa which is produced by the Endemol. This series totally has 2 interesting seasons that can be treated as a celebrity version. The first season is started in the year of 2001 which is hosted in all the South African show and channels. The total season of first season is from august to December 2001 i.e. 106 days. The season 2 is started from July to October 2002 i.e. totally 79 days. The season 3 is hosted in the year of 2013 and finally season 4 is come back on 2015. All these seasons are very popular among people and it is highly watched by the visitors in the entire world.

    Main theme of Big Brother

    The main story of SA big brother is too expelled after raping the fellow housemate. Once the two housemates can leave from the big brother’s home and issued the statement to the public as the big brothers are involved in the sexual misconduct. According to this statement the claim of rape is filed against these two brothers and takes an action for this incident. One day these brothers are participated in the gatherings and consume alcohol a lot and reach the big brother’s house. At this time this rape was conducted by them and disturbs the housemates with more flirting, drinking and finally placed them on bed together. These brothers were spotted kissing on housemates and compelling them to sex with Adams. Adam is one of the persons from big brother where he inject the housemates to male them to be unconscious for raping. The last two days both of these two brothers continuously raping their housemates and think that she passed away.

    After certain hours the girl is getting conscious to wake up and then realize what has happened for the past two days. Then she escaped from the home and announces this issue to the public about the rape claims. The saddest thing is the big brothers can turn on the camera during sexual assault and taken many misbehave photos while she was asleep. However this big issue is hosted in the Mzansi Magic channel without any clear transpiration. The names of these two big brothers called Adams and Bexx both are misconduct to their housemates where one guy is suspected under the sexual assault and another guy is suspected under the misbehave to the girl. At last these housemates are gone out from the big brother’s home and go to their native place.

    Big Brother – A rape horror show

    The big brother series is directed from the original story which is happened in most of the places at different countries. However it becomes a great rape horror show which has creating awareness about the sexual assault to the public. This specific show contains lots of millions of television viewers available from across the world. Therefore the big brother can creates footage in the television shows and earned lots of fans in the world.


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