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Incredible things about the pretty wild show

The American televisions provide a large number of the wonderful series for their viewers and most of the people are fascinated by these series. Nowadays, reality shows have become more popular on all the channels. Most of the viewers have the knowledge of what they see on the reality shows is not completely true.  Because, the channel telecasts the show after making the edit and re cut the regular show in that manner, the channel 24 is one of the famous channels in the United States which telecasts a different kind of the reality shows and live shows to the viewers. The Pretty wild is one of the show, which is telecasted on the Channel 24 and the series was based on socialite sisters who were named as Alexis Neiers, Tess Taylor, and Gabby Neiers. Initially, the girls and their family had lived in the village of California and they moved to the Hollywood Hills West, Los Angeles. This show had been moved in the success path for some years, but it was stopped unfortunately for some of the reasons.

Problems of pretty wild show

The reason of not broadcasting the show is the problem of the crime, one of three sisters in the show, Alexis Neiers was found to have been a victim of the Bling Ring. Basically, the Bling Ring is a group which has the members of teenage people. Alexis Neiers is one of the members of the team. The group of the Bling ring people broke the house of the celebrity and stole their valuable things. For that reason, the Alexis Nieres was sentenced to the punishment of 180 days in the jail. Moreover, she also got the three more years as the probation and also she had to pay the fine amount of 600000 dollars for this problem. For this reason, the pretty wild show is stopped on that channel and it makes more number of people to be disappointing.

Facts about pretty wild show

When Alexis is arrested, the mother and the sisters hang outside of the police station and they showed up to document their distresses. In addition to that, there is a step father who seems to uncomfortably close physical relationship with the youngest daughter called Gabby. So, this too much things could make the mother to go like this. Moreover, the girls have the stripper pole installed in the home and regularly use it to the delight of their mother. So, the team of the channel tries to shoot the moments of the sentimental family and the idea for the pretty wild show was hatched when the writer of the show met Tass Taylor and Alexis Neiers at the club. He asked for their suggestion to document their legal troubles in their life. Then they are accepted to do the same. Even though many problems are raised in this show, Alexis Neiers remains the positive things about her experience like the even the bling ring is a weird thing, but it gives the chance to help other people. 


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