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Project runway, an excellent show for talented designers

Project runway is a reality tv-show for fashion designers and they can show or expose their talents there. Impressive judges Heidi klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen are judging the fashion glory of contestants. Tim Gunn is the mentor for this show and he will take final decision in eliminating designers from the show. Different special events are happening in every show and guest judge is called to encourage the designers. The winner of project runway will receive excellent cash reward and winner can start any business with that money. Modern luxury travel is also available for them and they can use the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world. Good sponsors are available for this project runway show and they are providing various facilities to the winners.

Travel and hotel accommodations are available for their inspiring destinations around the world and winner will also receive beauty products for their fashions shows next year. Professional makeup artist service is also available for their debut show. Winning designer and model will receive unlimited gifts if they win the title with their talent and hard work. Guest judges are coming for every season to motivate the designers and model with their experiences. This reality show is nominated for different awards such as primetime Emmy award for reality-competition program. Each week a designer is eliminated from the competition after completing their work in front of judge’s panel. Every episode will be inspiring audiences because of the new fashion work performed by the competitors.

It is a reality series where aspiring fashion designers competing to show their talents to the outside world. Stunning prize options are available for winners or designers and viewers of this show will be excited to watch every show interestingly. Designers have to show their inner talents if they do not want to be eliminated from the competition. Even one or more contestants are eliminated from the competition if they do not meet the expectation of judges. 12 or more designers participate in the game and the show took place in New York City for five seasons. From the 6 season, project runway took place Los Angeles and this show provided excellent chance to show their interest in fashion industry. Designers will be disqualified from the competition if they bring pattern books for the show.

Designers should be prohibited from their living apartments and they should not communicate with their family members in unauthorized way. Usage of internet is not allowed for the contestants. Final challenge is done with three to four designers and judges will select the ultimate winner based on their fashion designing performance. Model will also get exclusive prizes along with the designer. New car is also a part of their prize package and winner will get excellent life after the season. Each week number of designers and models are eliminated from the show if they do not perform well among other competitors. Female fashion models working with designers are also included throughout the season and they are also in the project runway show. 


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