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8 Strange Animals Once Thought To Be Extinct

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When you think of extinct animals, the woolly mammoth and dodo bird are two popular ones that might come to mind. But what if we were to tell you that extinct animals might not be truly extinct after all?
Now, we're not trying to say that the woolly mammoth has been hiding in plain sight this whole time, but researchers have rediscovered a few other species of animal that they’d previously believed were gone for good. How could this possibly happen?
Well, deforestation and destruction to habitat can sometimes cause the numbers of certain species to dwindle drastically; so drastically that some of the tinier species are able to hide away from the human eye for decades. The horned marsupial frog is one such creature. It actually made a team of biologists jump for joy after they found the species alive in a remote section of western Ecuador. In the case of the coelacanth, this fish was presumed to have gone extinct with the dinosaurs over 65 million years ago. Yet, a living one was then discovered in 1939, changing the way that we viewed extinct animals forever. As this video will soon show you, sometimes extinct animals are simply flying under the radar.
Other times, extinct animals evolve to become another species entirely, like the Javan elephant. Even if we are thankfully able to bring some species back from extinction, they still usually only remain in small numbers and are considered critically endangered. Plus, if you thought that deforestation was bad enough, tourists actively looking for the pygmy tarsier can cause the species so much stress that they are known to purposely bash their heads in. So make sure to think of that the next time that you’re out exploring our beautiful world!
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