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10 Women Who Married Infamous Killers

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Top 10 Unusual wives of the most famous killers in the world
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As the saying goes; love is blind, and it seems like everyone needs love of some kind, even killers. Sometimes killers get married before they commit their first murder, and sometimes they get married after the fact. We tend to judge the women who marry these killers, even if they had no idea that their husbands did something horrible. We always assume that the wife either knew something beforehand and ignored it, or they did something to trigger the killer into committing their crime. Either way, we know that after a killer gets in the public eye, we don’t want to be part of their family, especially their spouse. The media goes after the wives like lions fighting for some raw meat, and plaster their faces on the covers of magazines and newspapers. Then, years later, they become the center of exposes and documentaries as their marriage is forever tarnished.
If you found out your husband was a killer, would you stay with him? Here are the amazing stories of ten women who married killers. Their stories are fascinating, some fell in love before they killed, while others fell in love with their husbands after the fact that they were killers. While we cannot fathom why someone would fall in love with a man who committed a heinous act, there is a condition called hybristophilia where someone is sexually aroused by their partner committing violent acts. The cause for this is unknown, and it seems to affect more women that society thinks, which is scary all in itself.
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