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10 Unusual Kids With The Most Shocking Lives

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top 10 kids you won't believe actually exist
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Being a kid can get tough sometimes. Think back to when you were growing up. What sorts of challenges did you face? For most of us it was endless hours of boredom waiting for friends or family to play or go somewhere exciting. Maybe it involved an endless wait for summer to come or that special party you were looking forward to going to. Then there was school. Sure you made a lot of friends, but at the time school could be stressful and a bit of an annoyance. After all, you had to get up early, do homework, pay attention in class. It all got in the way of sleeping and playing. Yes, being a kid could be tough but if we’re being honest, odds are you actually had it pretty easy.
If you think you had a difficult and challenging childhood, odds are there are many other kids who had a much tougher go of it. Take these following kids for example. They all suffer from a variety of issues that make their daily lives more than a little difficult. From excessive weight to incurable diseases to just bizarre conditions which mean they can never live a ‘normal’ life, these kids definitely qualify as unusual. Their stories will certainly make you look back on any troubles you faced during childhood in a whole different light. We bet after this, that early curfew or weekly visit to grandma’s won’t seem so bad anymore.
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