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10 Unbelievable Things The World Is Running Out Of


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10 Unbelievable Things The World Is Running Out Of

In a world where consumerism is at a peak it might be scary to think that in a few years time we could be running low or completely out of some of the things we are used to on a daily basis. Take a look at this video to see if any of your favourite things might be about to become extinct in the next couple of decades.

1. This might not be relevant for most but if you were after a good bourbon in the next 20 years you are out of luck. 20 years ago bourbon just wasn’t very popular. In the ’70s and ’80s bourbon was your father’s drink, or worse, your grandfather’s. Fearing a shortage, most of the best bourbon was bought up by people who could afford it, ironically causing that shortage. Suddenly in recent years, bourbon became cool to drink again, thanks at least in part to shows like Mad Men. Demand for whiskey and bourbon has increased almost 70% in the last decade, making the best of the spirit pretty scarce.

2. Once again we find another beloved item on the list, this times it everyones favourite sweet snack....chocolate! I hear a collective sound of hearts breaking as they hear it but its true. Mainly down to climate change, production of cocoa beans has hit a real low by a huge 40% in some areas. the same problem as coffee here, as demand completely outweighs the supply. The other problem that comes with this news is that it means chocolate prices are now going up. What a terrible piece of news

3. Ever wondered where bricks come from? Well now they might come from nowhere as certain houseing markets are running low on them. It is the UK that has a serious shortage and this is where most are used for housing developments. This shortage comes at a time when the British government has promised to build over 500,000 new homes per year in an effort to bring down sky-rocketing house prices. It’s proving difficult to build houses without house-building materials, and as a couple little pigs taught us, straw and sticks just won’t do the trick.

4. http://www.videoblocks.com/video/Doctors-In-Hospital-Examining-MRI-Scan-t3SgxL7/

There is a pattern emerging in this video and its based around the medical arena and its where we are at again here, this times its doctors. Blame it on the disgustingly long working hours, a growing population, increasing rates of certain health problems like cancer, awful treatment by those meant to look after them, the alleged bullying and poor treatment of junior staff, but they are in short supply. By 2025 its predicted the USA will be short around 90,000 physicians. We won't just be relying on WebMD to give us a diagnosis anymore, you'll need it to do your operations for you too!

5. Starbucks lovers beward, coffee is in a shortage. There aren't many people who head to work for the 9-5 slog who don't need a cup of joe to get them going so this will be the worst news possible for them. The problem is that we've suddenly become a world of coffee consumers and we are completely exceeding the supply compared to the demand. If the coffee producing countries hit anymore bad weather, that could spell disaster and we'll all need to start drinking tea.

6. Over 70% of the earth is covered by water and yet we still have a shortage of it? Ok, so nearly all of it is salt water, it doesn't mean we couldn't convert it, right? Global warming is causing less rainfall to add to the misery and also drying up the fresh water supplies that already exist. Predictions say that even normal rainfall across the US over the next decade would still see all states experience some kind of drought shortage at some point. Its estimated that by 2025 almost 2/3 of the world may have little or no access to fresh water.

7. http://www.videoblocks.com/video/pills-rotation/

Anitbiotics are a staple for the world, but as the human race starts to build up an immunity to the drug it becomes a case of creating new strains to help us fight off illness. A disconnected industry means lack of communication among manufacturers, pharmacists, and physicians. As a result, medicine is in short supply all over the world. The problem got so bad in Venezuela that the government has introduced a fingerprinting requirement at pharmacies to essentially ration out medicine. Over 140 types of antibiotics experienced shortages over the last 10 years along and its getting worse.

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