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10 Shocking Courtroom Outbursts Caught on Camera

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top 10 unbelievable moments caught on camera in court
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The courtroom has been the basis for dramatic movies and television, and for good reason. There is a lot of drama that takes place in a court of law where tensions are high and the lives of accused people hang in the balance of justice. This is why it shouldn’t be a big surprise that sometimes there are dramatic moments in the courtroom as testimonies are given, people are questions, verdicts are read aloud and sentences are declared. Sometimes the defendant will try to play it off like they are insane and start screaming nonsense before the judge and jury. Sometimes an attorney will interview a witness so harshly that the witness explodes at the rest of the court and force the judge to declare a recess. This has caused the courtroom to be one of the most unpredictable places in our society because you can never know what will happen and who will cause the chaos.
In this video are some of the most shocking courtroom outbursts. From shootings in the courtroom to the defendant’s family members causing a ruckus, these outbursts are unbelievable in the fact that they go against any acceptable methods of coping with stress and disaster. Hopefully no one will ever have to deal with the stresses of going to court and having their future hanging in the balance by a judge and a jury of their peers. But should they find themselves in the courtroom one day, may they take the lessons of these people into account and not repeat their actions.
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