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10 Real Psychics Who Solved Crimes for Police

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top 10 psychics and mind readers who helped solve police investigations
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Dealing with the supernatural is always shady business because not everyone believes in the paranormal. However, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. With so many self-proclaimed psychics out there who claim to be legit, it can be hard to determine who has the real gift. Plus, there are many psychics who rip people off of their hard earned money. When police are dealing with a complicated case, it can seem hopeless to try to find a crack in the mystery. When this happens, it is not uncommon for police to look for answers in the supernatural world. More specifically, it isn’t weird to find out that the police are using psychics to help try to track missing people as well as solve murder investigations. However, the local police department normally doesn’t want the information out there that they potentially reach out to local psychics. When a psychic makes a major break in the case, detectives and authorities have a complicated time in getting the evidence to be relevant in court. This is due to the fact that not everyone believes in the possibility of psychic abilities.
In this video, you will meet ten psychics who helped police investigations. The psychics in this list risked their lives and reputation by helping local authorities. Not to mention that they also risked their lives in getting involved. Whether or not you believe in the possibility of the supernatural, you can’t deny that these psychics did something incredible with their gifts that helped the victims’ families get peace of mind.
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