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10 Psycho Girlfriends That Did Horrible Things

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Top 10 most crazy women that did unbelievable things to their boyfriends!
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They say that women are much more emotional and unstable than men. While we wish that wasn’t true, sometimes there are a few special women who fall into the stereotype and make it true. It’s hard to say exactly what pushed these women to commit such crazy crimes, but the men that became the victims may have done something to push their girlfriends over. Men aren’t perfect and completely blameless in these situations. As we all know, men can be just as emotionally unstable. And because men are better at hiding their emotions, it is wrongfully assumed that men are completely innocent. Perhaps they drove their girlfriends to the breaking pointing where the woman lost her cool first and her boyfriend paid the price.
But sometimes, like in the situation where death is involved, there is no excuse for taking a human life. However, we have to consider the mental states of these women and whether or not they were driven to kill by their boyfriends or other outside factors like other females pushing them to their limits. Women can be extraordinarily cruel to each other, without thinking about the potential backfire that may ensue.
The women on this list were clearly fueled by emotions and lack of logic. It is likely that mental illness plays a major role in these cases as well. Some of the cases in this video are truly disturbing. One of the things that you never want to do is push a psychotic woman to her breaking point, because that is when the real damage will begin.
The women in this video are some of the most psychotic girlfriends in the world. Most of them were arrested for their actions, and lives were changed forever by their actions. If you’re a female watching this video, then take pause and learn about these women so that you don’t fall into a similar hole and become the next addition to the sequel of this video. If you’re a man watching this, then know the mistakes that these men committed and the actions they performed that pushed their girlfriends and ex-girlfriends over the edge.
Take the infamous story of Jodi Arias as an example, who was found guilty of first degree murder after killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander in 2008. Jodi Arias became the poster woman of crazy and psychotic girlfriends, and boyfriends and spouses found themselves comparing their partners to Jodie. Then in 2015, Michelle Carter was arrested for encouraging and pressuring her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III, to commit suicide. Why did she do it? So she could get attention as a grieving girlfriend. There is also the story of Dominique Fischer who carved her name and other “love notes” on her boyfriends body.
On the same note, domestic violence should never be trivialized or downplayed. If you, or someone you know, is a victim of domestic abuse on either direction (ie. Girlfriend abusing boyfriend or boyfriend abusing girlfriend), then please contact your local authorities or the domestic abuse hotline for your country. Don’t be another category on this list and find help. Whether you’re in a relationship with someone who might be off their rocker, or you are that girlfriend that everyone warns their mothers about, then do yourself a favor and find some help. Again, we don’t want to see you in the sequel of this topic.
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