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10 Photos Banned From Social Media

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Top 10 pictures that got banned from Facebook, Instragram, Twitter and popular social media sites.
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Photos Banned From Facebook
The growth of the internet and the expansion of social media over the past decade have been most noticeable. It’s hard to imagine an era which lacked texting and communication was done by either a telephone or regular mail. That was just 30 years ago. It’s even hard to think that just 20 years ago email was cutting edge and instant forms of communication were still relatively unheard of. Today, thanks to the spread of smartphones, expansion of the web and growth of a variety of social media platforms, you can talk, text and send pictures and video to friends and family instantly. Much of the time this is a good thing, but sometimes it can be a bit much.
Social media outlets are always banning various pictures for breaching their site rules and regulations. While most of us would like them to ban those people who continue to post images of their legs at the beach, drinks they are about to consume, selfies or mirror-shots, these tend to stay up. Instead, anything that might have too much gore, nudity or even a nipple gets the axe. Sometimes, however, pictures get chopped for no reason at all. Often it’s a mistake but many times it can be intentional and cause quite a stir among social media users and the news media. As you’ll see, there can often be some double standards and often, the overall standards seem to vary from site to site and user to user when it comes to what gets banned and what doesn’t.
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