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10 People Who Went Totally Crazy Before Their Wedding

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Top 10 insane bachelor and bachelorette party stories you won't believe actually happened
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It might seem easy to dismiss bachelor and bachelorette parties as being meaningless, boorish, alcohol-fuelled guy’s nights out aimed at ogling women and getting one last opportunity to relive past youthful indiscretions. But that undermines the major business empire that these parties have become, with an estimated 2.2 million weddings taking place in the US every year leading to some serious financial implications for establishments such as strip clubs and casinos that cater to the one last hurrah crowd.
Las Vegas and other bachelor party hot spots have made millions while welcoming those looking to recreate the 2009 smash hit blockbuster The Hangover in their own image. What started as a way to celebrate your buddy or gal pal before he or she walked down the aisle has turned, for some anyway, into a lucrative game of one-upmanship and an on-going effort to create a bigger, greater boozy spectacle. Sure, some grooms- and brides-to-be opt for a more low key endeavor to usher in their pending nuptials, but for many, bachelor party nights have become weekends and an evening out at the local watering hole has often become a pricey destination getaway.
Bachelor party purists can point to its surprisingly rich history. The term “bachelor first appeared in reference to an unmarried man in Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales in the 14th century. The tradition of the bachelor party is believed to date all the way back to 5th century BC, where the ancient Spartans were recognized as the first to fete a groom on his last night as a single man. While these early celebrations surely contained their fair share of mead and ale, they were understood to be relatively tame affairs, which might be surprising when you consider the company. Spartan soldiers would hold a dinner and make toasts to their soon-to-be married compatriot, an amiable revelry but hardly the rowdy occasion expected of both modern bachelor parties and ancient Spartan gatherings.
Over time, that tradition evolved from dignified black tie dinners typically hosted by the groom’s father to the more recent staples of hazing, humiliation and debauchery. Those even came to include female friendly events when brides got into the fun during the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. Fast forward to present day and bachelor and bachelorette parties have led to their fair share of trouble for those involved. Both Mario Lopez and one-time Paris Hilton beau Paris Latsis saw their relationships come to an end amid reports of unfaithful bachelor party behavior. Nick Lachey used a friend’s bachelor party as a jumping off point for some extramarital dalliances with a porn star which, despite his adamant denials, opened a rift with wife Jessica Simpson that led to their 2005 divorce.
Although they say that ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, that isn’t always the case when it comes to bachelor / bachelorette parties, even if they take place in Sin City. The most raucous, rowdy stories of bachelor depravity have lived on with almost a mythical reverence. While some of these tales represent deliberately epic last stand bashes, including some unbelievable old Hollywood shenanigans, many chronicle instances of bachelor parties gone wrong with outrageous mishaps. Here are the 10 craziest bachelor party stories:
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