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10 People Who Got Fired For Dumb Reasons

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Top 10 employees who lost their job for stupid things that happend at work
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Odds are that you or someone you know has been there. You are working at your job and the boss comes over one day to inform you that your services are no longer needed. What just happened? You got fired. Reasons for getting canned from the workplace can vary depending on a number of factors. Maybe the economy is bad and the business needs to layoff some employees and trim the fat. Perhaps your job or department is no longer needed. Maybe you are late to work too often or fail to get those reports in on time. Whatever the reason, people get terminated from their jobs all the time.
Sometimes, however, people get fired for some pretty absurd or bizarre reasons. We’re not talking about stealing from work or getting fired because you were high on the job. No, sometimes the employee does something so absurd it stands out and even makes the news when it comes to getting fired. It’s not always the employee who is the center of some of the dumbest decisions to fire. The employer can also over-react and terminate a worker for the stupidest reasons. This can often result in a court battle and a lot of unwanted media coverage. Ahead you’ll find some of the dumbest reasons people have ever been fired. Let’s just hope you’re not on here.
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