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10 Most Jealous Celebs Who RUINED Relationships

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top 10 famous people who are extremely jealous
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Remember when you were little and one of your friends got that new toy, video game or bike. They were super happy about it and, while you thought it was pretty cool, you couldn’t help but get a little worked up inside. That’s called jealousy and we’ve all experienced it from time to time. Miss out on a job promotion, watch someone else flirt with the person you like, see that neighbor’s new car every time you pull into the driveway – all classic cases where we would feel jealous. It’s a natural feeling but it can sometimes get the best of us and lead to actions we might regret later. For instance, get too jealous at work over that missed promotion and your work and workplace relationships might suffer. Try harder to get in the way of the person flirting with that other person you like and you may come off as trying too hard. Buy a new car to match your neighbor and look like a copycat while taking a hit to your personal finances.
It’s somewhat reassuring that we aren’t alone in this. Even the biggest celebrities are known to succumb to fits of jealousy. As you’ll see, the range of things celebs get jealous at are varied but similar to ‘normal’ people. Job success and popularity are definitely two causes but, if we’re being honest, when it comes to celebrity jealousy, relationships are the number one hot spot. We’ve all seen the twitter blow-ups and public meltdowns and we’re pretty sure you’ll easily recognize these following celebs as being known for their jealousy of others.
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