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10 Most Awkward Live TV Moments!

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top 10 cringiest moments caught live on camera
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We’ve all had that embarrassing foot-in-mouth moment, saying or doing something that we either didn’t intend to or immediately wished we could take back. But hey, at least most of us didn’t happen to have our regrettable moment while on live television. As you may have guessed from the title of this video, some people have, indeed, been caught red-faced and highly uncomfortable while having their image projected out to a wide audience. It is hard to even watch as cringe-inducing awkwardness ensures when even the best laid scripts go off the rails.
So what creates this unmistakable awkwardness, the kind that connects people and spans cultural barriers so as to link us through an abject understanding of the associated pain and shame? Quite simply, things get tense and uncomfortable when they don’t go according to plan. There may have been a script or plan in place for some of these moments, but those are quickly abandoned in favor of either deliberate or unintentional discomforting chaos. We remain bizarrely drawn to moments like these, unable to resist relating to the clumsy anguish that the individual in the awkward hot seat must surely be feeling.
By putting ourselves in the unenviable shoes of the person at the center of the awkward televised moment, we are partaking in at least some degree of empathy. But let’s not forget that they remain the architects of their own circumstances. Some of these people have endured unthinkable blunders in the worst of possible moments, while others have made the ill-advised decision to use platforms that are much too public to boldly send poorly thought out and ill-timed messages. At least when sitcoms such as The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia opt to go the awkward route, it’s a planned and decidedly fictional approach, even if the awkwardness the viewer experiences feels real.
Whatever it is that fuels both our fascination for and repulsion towards witnessing awkward situations playing themselves out, watching a poor sap make an unwitting fool of himself and sharing the uneasiness of those around him can carry a worse bite than fingernails on a chalkboard. The knowledge that these instances of thoughtless mishaps and ensuing deafening silences have taken place in front of a seemingly infinite audience only makes things worse. Moments on this list include major events that were being watched by as many as 30 million viewers, with each of these clips living on for countless more eyes to witness with just one easy Google search.
Contrary to what it may seem, these are not the worst moments in the history of live television. Nudity, swearing and overt violence have all made their way past the censors and onto TV thanks to the lack of a filter once content goes live. But awkwardness comes not only from the unexpected, but watching the fallout from those unexpected happenings. In nearly every one of these examples, there is at least one individual who has made the boneheaded error that fosters the awkward moment, but there is also the reaction of at least one puzzled, uncomfortable witness – or victim – to represent the feelings of the audience.
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