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10 More Unsolved Mysteries, Finally Solved!

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Top 10 mysterious events finally debunked and answered
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Human beings are naturally inquisitive and always looking for answers concerning the world around them. That’s why when we come up against something which doesn’t have an obvious or immediate answer we can get obsessed. Our desire to explore the unknown reaches of earth and space, push the boundaries of technology and enhance our understanding of ourselves has led to a string of discoveries over the centuries. Famous explorers, researchers, doctors and thinkers – They all represent the desire of humans to answer the unanswerable and push the boundaries of knowledge. Of course, along the way, not all the answers come so straightforward, or at all. Sometimes, challenges can arise and events can happen that are shrouded in mystery and lack an obvious answer. Naturally, this is something we become obsessed with resolving.
Tied in with expanding the ever growing body of human knowledge is the desire to solve what can seem to be the unsolvable. Drawing in people from all over the planet are mysteries which have gone unanswered. Missing planes, strange environmental phenomenon, bizarre accidents – These are just a few examples of the types of mysteries which often go unsolved for decades or centuries. In Part 1 of our ‘mysteries solved’ series we looked at stories like the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and how the Egyptian pyramids were built. In Part 2, we’re back with a whole new range of mysteries, some of which you may have thought were actually solved long ago.
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