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10 Innocent Disney Child Stars Gone Wild

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Top 10 Kids who did controversial things after their career as children Disney celebrities.
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The Disney company is known for bringing some of the most talented and innocent stars to the forefront and making them overnight sensations. From Zac Efron to Miley Cyrus, some of Hollywood’s most talented and wildest child stars have been exposed to the high life of being a celebrity and admired by millions of children and pre-teens. Given the amount of child stars who seem to go crazy after their time in the spotlight, one has to wonder exactly what is going on behind closed doors on set and in the offices of producers. Obviously, Disney doesn’t tolerate any inappropriate behavior from their stars and there are consequences for acting out while still on contract with them. For example, Vanessa Hudgens ended up being paid less than her co-stars for “High School Musical 3” due to her multiple nude photo scandals.
Then we have some Disney stars who do a complete 180 after their time with the Mouse, such as Sensi Pearl, who became a porn star after having roles in numerous Disney’s made-for-TV movies. Perhaps it’s the pressure to stay up to speed with Disney and trying to not cave into the high demands of working for the company that pushes these child stars to crack and go through a temporary brink of insanity. While it definitely brings in media coverage and time on the front page, it is also pretty bad publicity. Here are some Disney child stars who went wild right before our very eyes and the world.
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