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10 Hilarious Athlete Wardrobe Malfunctions


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With the type of outfits that many athletes wear, it’s almost surprising that more wardrobe malfunctions don’t happen on a regular basis. Sure, some athletes wear a relatively basic jersey and shorts, or jersey and pants. However, other athletes wear skin-tight spandex outfits or second skin bathing suits that always look like they’re about a second from splitting (and as you see on this list, sometimes that does, in fact, occur).

Wardrobe malfunctions can also occur because athletes are also very focused when they’re in the midst of a game. Their mind is on getting the next goal, the next point, perfecting that move that they’ve been working on. With a mind so focused on something, some athletes won’t even notice that a malfunction has happened.

Finally, sports can get pretty rough at times, and sometimes a malfunction happens courtesy of the other team not willing to give up a point.

Any sport you name, you can find several memorable wardrobe malfunctions, whether they involve an athlete exposing a little more than they had wanted to, whether their name is misspelled, or more.

Here are 10 wardrobe malfunctions that athletes have, unfortunately, gotten captured by those pesky photographers and press there at every single game.
10. Wayne Gretzky
s insane skills on the ice. However, in a 1997 game against the New York Islanders, fans watching may
9. Devin Hester
9. Devin Hester
8. Jenifer Benitez
r all, athletes who make it to the Olympics have spent years training and they know the entire world is watching how they perform. That amount of pressure and scrutiny causes some to flop, and others to merely lose their focus for a mom
7. Gillian Cooke
wonder how on earth they don’t split during all that activity. Well, sports viewers didn’t have to wonder much longer at the 2010 World Championships in Switzerland. British bobsledder Gillian Cooke was at the start of the cour
6. Nick Helenius
h – and likely always be a little angry with a certain player. Helenius’ team, Aston Villa, were playing a game against Tottenham. Helenius had the ball and made a break for Tottenham’s net. As he was entering the penalty area, Tottenham player Jan Vertonghen decided that he wasn’t giving up any goals, and that he would be stopping Heleni
5. Ronnie O’Sullivan
t. However, even snooker players have wardrobe malfunctions. Player Ronnie O’Sullivan evidently chose the wrong shoes to wear to a tournament, and his feet were in such pain that he ended up taking them off – a violation o
4. Donyell Marshall
ly memorable wardrobe malfunction when he was with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Marshall was on the bench, keeping his muscles warm with his warm up jacket on while he watched his team mates on the court. When it came time for him to get in on the action, he whipped his jacket off – and the jersey went with it. Marshall, oblivious to hi
3. Kerri Walsh Jennings
er much, and players are literally almost always an inch or two away from a wardrobe malfunction. American player Kerrie Walsh Jennings dove for a ball and, while she was skidding across the sand, her bottoms got pulled down, exposing part of her backside to the audience. Let’s be honest – it’s a wonder that type of wardrobe malfun
2. Olga Graf
ing distracted and realizing just before something disastrous occurred. Speed skaters have a skin tight uniform with a long zipper all the way down the front. After she had snagged a bronze medal on home turf at the Sochi O
1. Junior Lake
the Pittsburgh Pirates, outfielder Lake trotted onto the field in his grey Chicago Cubs jersey. Problem was, he stood out like a sore thumb, because every other guy on the team was wearing the road jersey with “Cubs” written on it while Lake had donned his jersey with “Chicago” on it. After the first inning wrapped up, Lake quickly went i

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