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10 Gross Facts You Didn't Know About Your Body

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top 10 amazing scientific things you won't believe about the humans
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The human body is one of the most incredible pieces of biological machinery that has graced the human planet. When the body encounters a wound or a sickness, it has the ability to heal itself with the aid of medical intervention. If you get a scratch, the body heals itself within a few days. When a woman becomes pregnant and has her baby, her body will provide milk for the infant as well as go back to its natural form. As modern medicine progresses and advances, we are learning more about how incredible the human body is every day. As we learn more, the more we can appreciate just how much our bodies can tolerate in terms of injuries, illness, and other external circumstances that should kill us, but they don’t. Yes, your body is capable of some amazing things, but that doesn’t always mean that those things are always pretty. In fact, it can be quite the opposite.
Many times, we don’t really get to appreciate just how disgusting our body can be without us even knowing it. In this video are ten gross facts that you didn’t know about your body. There are so many amazing things about your body, but equally there are some pretty disgusting things that the body has to do in order to survive. As you watch this video, you’ll probably start to feel a bit gross and want to jump into the shower as soon as the video is over just so you can feel somewhat normal again.
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