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10 Famous Politicians CAUGHT Cheating

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top 10 people in politics who were caught in the act
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Who on earth wants to be a politician? It’s a life of hard work and much of it is thankless. You have to endure gruelling campaigns and debates, listen to angry voters, sit for hours in rooms with other politicians and make stressful decisions. Sure, the money can be decent and if you are corrupt then the money can be really good. But back on topic. Especially in today’s world, the life of a politician doesn’t really seem that appealing. The thought that there are always people who hate you for no other reason than your party affiliation is bad enough. Throw in the press and recent rash of hacking and any secrets you have that you want to keep hidden are probably going public. This can be devastating to a politician’s career and his or her family.
The great irony of the political system is that it’s mostly run by men who can’t seem to keep it in their pants. These individuals are often voted in to make good decisions and provide a moral compass. Yet, the moment the cameras aren’t watching more than a few sneak out the back to door to meet up with girlfriends or prostitutes. It’s all so hypocritical that it’s hard to have a shred of sympathy for them. In any event, some very famous politicians have admitted or been caught in the act of being unfaithful to the wives. Some have been involved in “traditional” affairs with the odd mistress here and there. Others have been more extreme and include everything from secret families and illegitimate children to cringe-worthy scandals. And to think, these are the guys that lead us?!?!
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