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10 Famous People With The Most Expensive Body Parts

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Top 10 celebrities with highly insured body parts
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Insurance is a vital thing that we all need in the event our house burns down, we get into a car accident, or we get hurt and we need an expensive life-saving surgery. And if you’re a celebrity, parts of your body are definite money makers and there would be problems if something should ever happen to that specific body part. Celebrities have become iconic for their bodies, and while that may seem superficial, looks are a very big part of the entertainment industry. Should that celebrity ever get hurt, or their iconic body part gets compromised, they will lose money. Therefore, they have to cover themselves to ensure that they don’t lose any more money from that loss. And that is where insurance comes into play.
Before you go on a tirade about how ridiculous it is to take out an insurance policy on your legs, consider the fact that multiple celebrities get this done. Gene Simmons insured his iconic tongue for over a million dollars. Keith Richards insured his middle finger. He didn’t do it just for the purposes of flipping people off, but he also heavily depends on his middle finger to play his guitar and make music.
Here are some famous body parts that are worth a lot of money. At the end of the day, insurance is all about protecting yourself financially and ensuring you have a cushion to sit on should you be unable to work anymore. In the world of Hollywood where bodies are a big deal, it’s only the smart thing to do to take out a policy on a body part.
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