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10 Famous People Who Got Pregnant Very Young

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10 Celebrity teen moms you won't believe exist
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Celebrities are people just like the rest of us, except that they’re rich and famous. Because they are normal people, they make the same mistakes as someone who isn’t as famous. Sometimes that mistake involves getting pregnant at a really young age and becoming a mother before they are legally allowed to drive or buy cigarettes. But just because one became a mom at a young age, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t intentional. Even up until the 1970’s and 1980’s people were getting married and having children in their teens. It wasn’t until the past decade where people were encouraged to have children later in life, despite “biological clocks” and complications in pregnancy as one gets older.
There will always be people who will become moms at a young age, and they might face some criticism and scrutiny. But when you’re a celebrity, regardless of whether you get knocked up before or after fame, you’ll be in for some worldwide coverage and criticism. But regardless of any black lash young moms have received, they have proven themselves to be resilient and have risen above it. These days, we have shows like MTV’s “Teen Mom” which glorifies and even encourages teens to become moms at a young age. But as the television show proves, the lives of those teens is anything but calm and peaceful.
In this video are 10 young celebrity moms that you won’t believe exist. While some may have gotten pregnant after the spotlight was turned on, there are a few who became moms so young that it could be a crime.
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