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10 DISNEY High School Musical Stars Who Grew Up Too Fast

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“High School Musical” was a surprising hit for the Disney Channel. The premise was simple; singing high schoolers in a “Romeo & Juliet” type storyline where the jock falls in love with the nerd. Disney is already considered a master when it comes to musicals with their success with hits like “The Little Mermaid” and “Beauty and the Beast.” The genius of the project was that Disney wasn’t aiming towards high schoolers. Instead, Disney was aiming towards kids. Think about it! When you were a kid, you daydreamed about being a cool high schooler with responsibilities like driving a car and doing things like going to the mall, or even prom! Disney made the brilliant move to create “High School Musical” for this age group. Merchandise for the movie went nuts, and it was just a simple “made for TV” movie. Then came the sequel, and then came the third movie, which was shown in movie theaters. The kids who fell in love with the movies grew up with the characters, which was why the movie had ongoing success. Along with the kids, the actors grew up too.
In this video are ten High School Musical stars who grew up too fast. While they may have played high schoolers, a few of them were already adults when the movie was made. So, when they stepped out in the public without the cloak of Disney, many were shocked to see how fast these stars grew up. But, over a decade has passed since the first movie came out, and the stars are no longer kids.
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