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10 Dangerous Roads Drivers Need To Avoid

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Top 10 Most dangerous roads in the world that you would never want to drive on
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Roads have been used by man for thousands of years. Whether they were used for walking, using a carriage, or driving a car, roads have revolutionized the method of travel and have made the world more accessible than ever. If you live in a major town, then the roads are usually well maintained and built in order to accommodate the large amount of traffic. But as the towns get smaller and the vast amounts of bare land get larger, the roads start to reduce in quality. As the terrain gets rougher and elevates, the roads can become just downright dangerous, as evidenced by the massive amounts of cars that have been totaled and abandoned.
Some of the best legends and myths have come from dangerous roads. From the girl who never made it to her prom to the woman who never made it to her wedding and is doomed to haunt the roads, we fear dangerous roads for their mystique and construction. But also, dangerous roads act as a challenge for dare devil drivers, thus perpetuating the death toll.
Here are some of the most dangerous roads that you need to avoid. Whether these roads have led to major fatalities, lots of accidents, or so poorly maintained that your car may need a tune up and your tires replaced. If you value your life and your car, you are better off avoiding these roads. Better yet, instead of taking that major road trip, you might want to look into taking a plane.
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