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10 Bad Employees Who Did Horrible Things At Work!

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top 10 worst employees who are bad a their job
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In some capacity, we all work. We are all employees of some company or organization that pays us for our time in the building. With the burden of working, we are also faced with times where we just may lose our minds at our jobs from serving impossible customers to working for awful bosses. But sometimes, there are people we encounter who are so bad at their job that we have to wonder exactly how they were able to find employment in the first place. From poor work ethic to a bad attitude, we have to encounter negative people in our work place and inadvertently try to find a way to deal with it so we don’t turn into them.
In this video are some of the worst employees ever. From being late to work, to mistreating employees, to even taking a pee outside of a client’s house, it’s a miracle that the individuals in this video were even able to find employment in the first place. From the stories that are shared, you should be able to get a pretty good idea as to how bad their work ethic was from the beginning, and it was only a manner of time before their real attitude was exposed and they ended up being fired. On the other hand, sometimes you encounter employees who don’t have much sense and end up doing something so stupid that it’s nearly a puzzle to figure out how they can take care of themselves, let alone have a job.
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