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10 Awkward Athlete Wardrobe Malfunctions on Live TV

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top 10 embarrassing clothing slip ups caught on camera
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In our culture, the professional athlete is an interesting breed. While they participate in sport as a career, they often achieve the same social status as a Hollywood actor or Washington politician. Star athletes appear on the covers of magazines, take up pages in sports columns, make up the topic of discussion in internet forums and are given precious minutes of coverage during news or entertainment segments on television. Who they play for, what they eat, who they sleep with, where they live, what they buy – these are the sorts of things we focus on when it comes to athletes.
Indeed, today’s athlete is always under the microscope, or more appropriately, the camera lens. Every move, every highlight and every mistake is seemingly captured and broadcast into the world for our consumption. Yes, the professional athlete can seem to be more of a celebrity than sports person at times.
With so many eyes and cameras always focussed on athletes it’s no surprise we can catch them in some rather awkward and embarrassing moments. No, we’re not talking about DUIs, fashion faux-pas or even slips on the playing field. Instead, we’re talking about the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. For athletes such an occurrence can not only be humiliating but highly disruptive because it can come at a critical moment in a race or match. As you’ll see, in many cases, stopping to fix the problem is not an option and many times an athlete must power through the awkward moment no matter how embarrassing.
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