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10 Annoying MISTAKES Left in Big Movies!

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top 10 biggest movie mistakes left in some of the most popular films
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The movie industry is big business and turns out dozens of films every year in an effort to rake in billions in box office revenue. With all those actors, scripts, crew members and days of shooting – that’s a lot of stuff to keep in order. For the most part they are able to do that and end up releasing films that entertain and amaze millions. Then there are the times it can all fall apart in spectacular fashion and create an absolute bomb – like the Planet of the Apes reboots or the Star Wars prequels. However, it’s not always so massive in scale.
Then there are the smaller, nit-picky issues with films that we all love to jump on. Of course, we’re talking about those goofs and mistakes that somehow make it through editing and end up in the final production. For the most part these are tiny things that don’t actually ruin a film but simply provide little bits of trivia or interesting tidbits of useless movie knowledge. Still, we love finding them and poking at them. Ahead you’ll find 10 more films we’ve decided to scrutinize. We’ve highlighted errors in each that range from simple costume mistakes to historically inaccurate scenes to moments that leave giant question marks for the audience. Ultimately, however, these are all annoying little mistakes that you’ll notice every time you watch these films from now on.
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